Villa Gariful

The luxury of the 5-star Mediterranean home while on holiday.

The secret of luxurious travel is not only the choice of a 5-star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ hotel and traveling in the business class. It also includes the time, privacy, and special moments that will turn your holiday into a magical experience. We understand the needs of our guests when it comes to a holiday when they want to feel at home, but with all the advantages of the supreme amenities that are available at their request. We understand that luxury has many faces and that the subtlety of pleasure is in details. That is why we have designed a completely new experience for a top vacation in a newly renovated villa on the Hvar waterfront – Villa Gariful. We are very proud that now we can provide all our guests with the complete service and offer them ‘’the luxury of home – away from home’’ with supreme and unique experience that will make their holiday unforgettable.

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Villa Gariful, built on July 1, 2019, is spread over four levels, interconnected by an elevator. It can be rented individually on the floors or the whole villa for many people. The apartments in this villa have a private entrance to keep guests’ privacy at the highest level. Villa Gariful, as the first smart house in Dalmatia, is a truly unique offer in Hvar that offers unique pleasure in exclusive, designer apartments. One of the apartments even has a private jacuzzi pool for guests looking for complete relaxation in a completely private atmosphere.

Each apartment consists of a luxuriously decorated living room, a bedroom with a bathroom and a care area, a guest bathroom, and a balcony. We approached the decoration of the apartment Villa Gariful with special care – taking into account the environment and history of the town of Hvar, blended into a very modern, bright, and airy interior that exudes the Mediterranean. Respecting the heritage and original architecture, we blended beautiful stone walls with the most expensive elements and furniture. With equal care, we designed the exterior so that our guests could enjoy the full experience.


Villa Gariful, as the first smart house in Dalmatia, represents a really unique in Hvar which offers a memorable pleasure in exclusive, meticulously designed suites. All suites in this villa have their private entrances so that the guests’ privacy could be on the highest level.

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Concierge Service (optional)

The guests of this residence will be taken by the view of the turquoise Adriatic Sea and the Pakleni Islands every day, while they are only a few steps away from the Hvar waterfront full of life. Everything you need for a perfect vacation and more is located in Villa Gariful. Besides the superior decoration and naturally beautiful position, we can provide VIP services that our guests are looking for and need.

The reception of the residence is at the guests’ service and access to the most freshly prepared specialties from Gariful. For each apartment, the following premium services can be booked at additional costs: a boat to discover the beauties of the Hvar archipelago and the beautiful Croatian coast as well as a personal butler who does all the work inside the home on vacation, so that our guests can completely relax and the hostess who, with the entire Gariful VIP Concierge service, makes sure that guests during their stay in this Croatian diamond are impeccably satisfied and that their every wish is fulfilled.


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